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FAQ about Road Accidents in Baltimore, MD

Here’s some important information to know before having your vehicle repaired:

My insurance suggests a specific collision center; do I have to use their collision center?

You have the right to take your vehicle to the collision center of your choice. Your insurance company cannot require you to use a specific center. They can only make recommendations.

Can I drive my vehicle?

Never drive a vehicle that could be unsafe because of accident damages. Jerry’s Collision Center will gladly make arrangements for your vehicle to be towed.

Do I have to visit my insurance company’s claim center before the collision center?

Some insurance companies may want you to visit their drive-in claims center before your vehicle is repaired. You can do this, or you may leave your vehicle at Jerry’s Collision Center and ask the agent to come inspect the vehicle. Jerry’s works closely with many insurance companies to keep close communication and advise them of all repairs that need to be completed.

Can I get multiple estimates for my vehicles?

As a customer, you can get more than one estimate on your vehicle. You have the right to get as many comparison estimates as you like to assist you with making an informed decision about your repair options.

Why is there a significant difference in repair estimates?

Differences in repair estimates are very common. Lower estimates may not include all necessary work. If you have any questions regarding the differences, please ask a Jerry’s Collision Center Advisor.

How do I choose a collision center?

Choose a repair center that has unibody repair equipment and certified (I-Car, GM, and Toyota certified, for example) technicians. All Jerry’s Collision Center technicians have continuing I-Car, Toyota, GM training to ensure they are skilled in the latest repair process and equipment.

Make sure you choose a collision center that has the advanced equipment and systems used to remove and reinstall frame, suspension, engine, and drive train components, as well as provide other essential collision repair services. Jerry’s Collision Center in Baltimore has the latest equipment and training necessary to restore your vehicle to its manufacturer specifications.

Make sure the collision center offers a warranty. Jerry’s Collision Center offers every customer our lifetime warranty on all paint repairs.

Jerry’s has many established relationships with many auto insurance companies. We work with insurance agents every day to help with a quicker repair process.

Do I contact the rental car company?

Ask the collision center to prearrange your rental vehicle. The average collision center repair is two weeks; ask the center to arrange a rental car to be available when you drop off your vehicle. Jerry’s has onsite rentals and an exclusive relationship with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to arrange a rental for you on the spot, or we will take you to Enterprise to help you with setting up your rental car.

Still have a question? Give us a ring!